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Custom pipe cleaner Transformers Desert Brawl

 Here's one of my latest pipe cleaner figures.  I made this using pipe cleaners and fabric gel paints, it stands 4.5 inches tall and glows in the dark. (and I tweaked the original colors for fun) Hope you enjoy! Made by Kai more »
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Custom pipe cleaner TF Prime Bumblebee figure!

Here's my latest pipe cleaner figure that I made for my brother Dakota's birthday. This one took me 11 days to make and it is 6 inches tall... I decided to change up the original colors a little for fun. Click "Read more" or "more" below to see more pic… more »
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Custom pipe cleaner Dotm Mirage!

Custom Pipe cleaner Transformers Dark Of The Moon Mirage! Here is one of my latest projects that I have just finished... it took me one week to complete. Click "more" or "read more" below for some more pics. He is made out of: Black, red & white pi… more »
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