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Custom pipe cleaner Transformers Desert Brawl

 Here's one of my latest pipe cleaner figures.  I made this using pipe cleaners and fabric gel paints, it stands 4.5 inches tall and glows in the dark. (and I tweaked the original colors for fun) Hope you enjoy! Made by Kai more »
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Custom pipe cleaner G1 Shockwave!

Custom 5" pipe cleaner Transformers G1 Shockwave! This is one of my earlier pipecleaner figures that I made using: Black,white (painted silver) and purple pipe cleaners, black, silver, yellow, pink, gold, orange, purple, green and Glow in the dark Gel p… more »
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Custom pipecleaner blacklight WFC doughscream! (Starscream)

Custom pipecleaner blacklight WFC Doughscream toy! Doughscream,His real name is Charley he is very silent and he dosn't like Doughtron (Mike) too much,He is realy harmless,Doughtron makes Doughscream do all the work for him. He is made out of  black pip… more »
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