Comment from: Cameron Vaught [Visitor]
Cameron VaughtWhat did you wrap them around to keep them standing
06/25/13 @ 02:14
Comment from: kai [Member] Email
We use a standard 16 gauge round copper wire and a regular soldering iron to solder the custom copper wire rig together then wrap the pipe cleaners around it. We usually use the copper wire rig for the bigger ones so they can stand and also for good poseability. Thanks for the comment!
06/25/13 @ 16:48
Comment from: Cameron Vaught [Visitor]
Cameron VaughtI mean will it stand without the soldering iorn
06/29/13 @ 03:09
Comment from: kai [Member] Email
I've actually had the solder break on a few characters shortly after making them but they still stand really well. Also if you can make the rig using one long piece of copper wire without soldering it then that could work too. We've made rigs out of pipe cleaners for smaller figures and they can stand well too if the pipe cleaner base underneath is made strongly. Hope this helps...
07/01/13 @ 21:51